Craft Metals provides expert recommendations on Rheinzink Titanium Zinc, Copper and Aluminium for all architectural applications. Our products are used on residential, commercial and heritage applications.


Materials:   Angled Standing Seam System Products:   Rheinzink preweathered zinc Architects:   Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland
Maritime Museum, Freemantle WA

Specialised in Titanium-Zinc, Copper and Aluminium, Craft Metals offers specifiers the freedom of choice when it comes to metal claddings. Representing the world’s leading non-ferrous metal manufacturers:

  • RHEINZINK for Titanium-Zinc
  • KME for TECU-Copper
  • NOVELIS for Falzonal-Aluminium

Craft Metals proudly offers the ultimate in construction materials that lend themselves to natural aesthetics in architecture. All their products and systems are ideal for the harsh Australian climate including maritime locations. Choose from many cladding systems and profiles in different finishes including Astro Snap Lock Seam Technique.

Craft Metals carries large material stock with matching rainwater goods including half round gutters and high frequency welded downpipes. All materials are produced to the strictest quality controls and take environmentally focused design concepts into account. This means the highest degree of certainty for architects and builders, with a professional support from Craft Metals’ Technical Advisory Office.


RHEINZINK –TITANIUM ZINC in three different finishes:

  • Mill finish (bright rolled)
  • Pre weathered (natural grey)
  • Graphite grey (dark grey)

As a high grade zinc material with a purity of 99.995% alloyed with copper & titanium Rheinzink produce outstanding material characteristics:

  • Natural surface patina development
  • Extremely durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Virtually no maintenance

KME –TECU-COPPER offers a choice of several different material surface treatments:

  • TECU-Classic (bright rolled)
  • TECU-Oxide   (dark brown) oxidised layer
  • TECU-Patina  (green patina)
  • TECU-Gold
  • TECU Brass
  • TECU Bronze

TECU-Copper CU-DHP (oxygen-free, phosphorus-deoxidised) material has a degree of 99.9% purity. The product presents all natural material characteristics & qualities:

  • Very high life span
  • Self healing patina formation
  • Crack & corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance

NOVELIS (ALCAN) –FALZONAL ALUMINIUM has the largest colour choice on offer including metallic finishes. Its PVDF multi layer paint with (25-40 µm thickness) assures uncompromised material characteristics:

  • Excellent forming & bending quality
  • Excellent resistance against UV-rays
  • Excellent colour consistency (50 years+)
  • Low gloss reduction

Cladding Systems

  • Double Standing Seam
  • Angle Standing Seam
  • ASTRO System
  • System V25
  • System H25
  • System VH25
  • System DI25
  • Flat Lock Tiles
  • Batten Roll
  • Special Systems