The Mill Appartments, Eastwood NSW




    This site is what was once known as the 'The old Brickworks' in Eastwood. Lying vacant and deserted for a number of years, the site was an unproductive wasteland until 2006 when the quarry was finally filled using recycled excavated materials from the Epping to Chatswood railway tunnels. Planning immediately began to restore the site and create residential apartments of up to 255 lodgings.

    The Mill Apartments as they are now known where created with green living in mind and sit amid a serene green landscape full of parks, shade and places to sit and relax. Craft Metals Aluminium Cladding was used for this project as its 100% recyclable and corrosion resistant making it perfect for the harsh Australian climate. Volcano Stone® pre-painted Aluminium is exclusive to Craft Metals. Light weight and resistant to UV light and chalking pre-painted Aluminium is low maintenance for the life of the project.

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