prePATINA Graphite Grey Zinc

prePATINA Graphite Grey Zinc

The Rheinzink® Graphite Grey has an attractive dark grey tone, and supplements the internationally proven qualities characteristic of Rheinzink bright rolled and prePATINA blue-grey finishes. Since the colour of graphite-grey is not created by coating nor phosphating, the protective patina, which forms over time through the natural weathering process, will correct any potential scratches and smaller surface damage. The maximum coil width of graphite-grey is 1000 mm. The material can be supplied in 0.70 to 1.20 mm metal thickness with a removable protective film.

In the case of exposed application, we recommend ordering in batch quantities in order to avoid differences in colour as much as possible.

When using the natural RHEINZINK® prePATINA line - surfaces in areas subject to a marine climate - white deposits may develop on the surface due to the salt in the atmosphere. These natural deposits ‎integrate into the natural patina and because of the colour contrast, are more visible on the darker, RHEINZINK® prePATINA graphite-grey surface. This will not affect the function or expected service life of the material when used on facades, roofs or other clad building components. The natural patina will appear lighter when used in ‎locations where the air contains chlorides. When used in environments where sulphur levels are higher, (e.g. industrial pollution), the patina may appear somewhat darker than usual.

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