Kurnell-Perforated-ScreenPerforated metal are metals with a series of holes punctured into the surface creating different patterns and visual effects. These screens or sheets can then be custom folded to increase the uniqueness of the look. Perforated metal screens are available in a range of materials and finishes. These include aluminium, copper, brass and titanium zinc. The Perforated metal can then be anodised or painted for aluminium, mill-finished or patinated for copper and pre-weathered in titanium zinc.

Perforated metal screens are prefect both for internal and external facades and allow light a ventilation to filter through, whilst maintaining a level of privacy and protection from the elements. Many different levels of transparency can be created, from almost complete transparency to a subdued translucence. It is also suitable for back-lit facades including a large number of different perforation patterns with regular and irregular lay-outs. The individual openings are of geometric shapes and up to approximately 50 mm in hole size.

Perforated metal facades are growing in popularity with architects Australia wide, as the patterns can be completely customised per project which creates a totally unique look for any facade application. As well, when punching the metal, off-cuts are 100% recycled.

Some well know buildings we have supplied perforated metal screens too include: Audi buildings across Australia, Myer's Mural Hall in Melbourne, Chiefly Hotel in Wollongong, Gadigal road apartments Sydney, Goddard building university of QLD with a result that each project is totally unique in design.

Craft Metals produce custom perforated metal screens / sheets / facades right here in our workshop and can provide expert advice and personalised solutions to meet your needs. Call us today on 02 9482 4166 for further information.

Perforated Metal Projects

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